A fully, complex Desktop Publishing process that delivered a series of suggestive visuals, brochures, online and outdoor banners for one of the Media Zoom clients.


We laid the foundations of an entire concept dedicated to the little ones. An attractive slogan, suggestive visuals, online banners and an integrated communication strategy.


Our agency leads you into the fabulous world of illustrations and offers you a wide range of services such as creation of images, characters, comics and complete stories. All of our talented illustrators and designers with degrees in these fields, bring their work to life and they are able to develop any content you require for your project due to…

Traditional Craftsmen

Creating the whole concept of Traditional Craftsmen’s Fair from the South-East Romania and organizing it was our way to promote our national identity and traditions and keep them alive. First of all, we have created a complete concept based on getting together a lot of craftsmen, creating stories and visuals, all of these things being based on a fully event…

Contur Magazine

As a compilation of PR elements and journalistic techniques, Contur Magazine represents a publication meant to promote the cultural life of Bucharest. Social life, people and their stories, cultural events, architectural structures, and everything that outlines the capital city of Romania and its urban culture. Our agency built a whole concept based in the first place on a lot of…

Little Prince Kindergarten

`The Little Prince` story was our source of inspiration to develop a visual identity and a inspirational logo for a kindergarten. Considering our client`s audience, we have created illustrations for this kindergarten`s website which have been used also to embellish it`s place.

Pepsico Campaigns

`Refresh your world`, this innovating national campaign promoted Pepsico`s products such as Pepsi and Lay`s. As a fully ATL campaign, it have involved a lot of marketing elements like POSMs.  Also, illustrations, graphic design work and catchy slogans, have been parts of a whole concept our agency worked for.

Romlact Packaging

Good packaging protects your product, but Media Zoom’s packaging protects your brand. We like to keep it simple but significant both in customer service and in what we do so that the action is not only to accomplish their requires, but also to come again to work with us.

JT Air Branding and Design

It may seem excessive, but some places are simply best explored by scenic flight. At many sights and cities of great scale and magnitude, the view from the ground just doesn’t reveal the full picture! All these gave us the inspiration to start this project with our client.

Pozimed Campaigns

We think that awareness campaigns are the most challenging from all points of view. However, they have such a massive impact on the population. This is just one of the various campaigns initiated by Pozimed Clinic. Prevention, discovery or treatment of diseases such as thyroid gland dysfunction, were our starting points for a whole campaign. Our main purpose was to…

EPP Group Campaign

Quit smoking advertising is very effective at motivating smokers to quit and discouraging the uptake of smoking. That`s the statement we and The European Parliament build on this awareness campaign. This type of campaigns involves creating meaningful messages, memorable visuals and a good strategy to spread your message.

Brick Outdoor Campaign

In order to capture the public attention, try to combine something that usually can’t combine. We are more than pleased when a client comes to us and gives us the freedom to create something unexpected and a little bit shocking…just a little bit.